How To Retrieve Funds Sent To An Incorrect UPI Address?

Recover Money Transferred At Wrong UPI Address?
  1. In the event of an incorrect UPI money transfer, the first step is to contact the support of the UPI app you were using to make the transfer. Each UPI has a system for assisting customers in such cases.
  2. The second action you can take is to contact the BHIM Toll-Free number 18001201740 with any questions or concerns. You can call the provided toll-free number and describe the problem in detail to a representative.
  3. As soon as you realise that the funds were sent to the incorrect UPI address, take a copy of the message and then inform your bank by phone or email. Schedule a meeting as soon as possible with the branch manager. Only the bank from which the funds were transferred can handle this concern. Inform your bank of this transaction and get in touch with the branch manager as soon as possible. Explain everything that transpired to your bank’s customer service department. Only if a UPI ID exists may a balance transfer or transaction occur. If the UPI ID does not exist, the funds will be immediately refunded to your account.
  4. NPCI – UPI Dispute Redressal Mechanism The final option is to file a complaint with NPCI’s UPI Dispute Redressal Mechanism at


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