How to fill RTGS form of ICICI Bank 2023?

The following information is required on the ICICI Bank RTGS form:
Name, address, phone number, and account number of the sender
Beneficiary information: Account number | Name | Bank/Branch
Transfer amount | Currency | Payment purpose
An RTGS form is available at your local ICICI Bank branch or on their website or You can also download it from here. 


Filling out the RTGS form:
  • Personal information is required in the sender’s area.
  • Complete the beneficiary information.
  • Enter the transfer amount in both words and numbers.
  • Select a currency for the transfer.
  • Enter the reason for the move.
  • As the remitter, enter your ICICI Bank account number and name.
  • Sign the form.
Once completed, return the form to the bank branch along with the required money. Within 30 minutes, your bank will process the transaction and send funds to the beneficiary.

Other RTGS form-filling details:
  1. Enter accurate and comprehensive data. Errors may cause your order to be delayed.
  1. Check the beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code before submitting.
  1. If you transfer a lot of money, you may be required to submit a duplicate of your PAN card.
  1. You can check the status of your RTGS transaction online or by calling ICICI customer care number.
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