SBI’s YONO app offers personal loans up to Rs 35 lakh

For Xpress credit loans up to 35 lakhs, the YONO app (Android version) now offers a totally digital loan experience called RTXC, which is tailored specifically to customers with government and defence salary packages and can be accessed instantaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SBI salary account holder? State Bank of India just offered RTXC on YONO. The country’s largest lender said RTXC will give consumers more digital power and convenience.

Xpress Credit, the bank’s premium personal loan for salaried customers, has a digital avatar. Customers can now receive paperless, digital RTXC through YONO from home. It further said clients would find the 8-step process quick and easy.

Central/State Government and Defense salaried SBI customers no longer need to visit the bank to apply for a personal loan. All credit checks, eligibility determinations, sanctions, and documentation will be online and real-time.

“We are glad to offer Real-Time Xpress Credit (RTXC) Loan facility for our qualifying salaried clients on YONO,” said SBI Chairman Dinesh Khara. Our customers can apply for loans digitally, without hassle or paper.

SBI constantly improves its digital banking services to make banking easier for customers. SBI believes that by digitising Xpress Credit, it will use less paper.

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