RBL credit card – Learn About the Most Important Customer Care Services

The introduction of credit cards altered the way individuals spend money. With cashless solutions widely available today, you no longer need to carry large sums of cash or be concerned about security. Today, credit cards provide appealing advantages.

For instance, the RBL Credit card provides consumers with access to premium lounges, discounts, a sign-up bonus, and the opportunity to improve their credit score. Additionally, the application process is straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, they have an effective customer care department if you require clarifications. Let us take a closer look at this.

What are credit card customer grievances?

Before we learn how to contact RBL credit card customer service, it’s important to understand why we need to. Several instances include the following:

In the event that the credit card is misplaced or stolen
This is one of the most often reported customer service issues. Customers who realize their credit cards have been stolen or misplaced should contact their issuing banks immediately and report the event.

In the event of an incorrect purchase
Many credit card issuers allow customers to cancel purchases if they are dissatisfied with the product or service. This is referred to as a chargeback. The customer may contact their card issuer to get the charge reversed, and credit card companies will not reimburse the merchant in these instances.

In the event of fraudulent transactions
Occasionally, a client may notice a large number of illegal transactions on his or her credit card statement. Many credit card criminals currently request personal information from users in order to fraudulently use their cards. In such instances, one should immediately contact customer support and request that the credit card be blocked.

When the statement contains erroneous charges
It is possible that the merchant charged the consumer twice for the same item or that the charges do not correspond to your receipts. Additionally, the corporation may charge a late fee, an annual cost, or a higher processing fee without notifying the customer.

If this occurs, the consumer may contact customer care to obtain a refund of any duplicate payments made and to have any fees waived.

What customer service options does RBL offer for credit cards?

Customer service is crucial for growing product demand and retaining customers. RBL credit card customer service provides the following services:

  • Disabling a credit card.
  • Notification of credit card loss.
  • Changing the PIN on a credit card.
  • Reversing any erroneous transactions.
  • We are currently collecting feedback on our credit card services.
  • Resolving any questions or concerns about the credit card’s features.

How do I contact RBL’s customer service?

If a consumer has a complaint, RBL provides simple online and offline channels for customer service. The following are the contact details for their credit card customer service department:

Online procedure
Via Telephone
Customers can contact RBL credit card customer service by calling the toll-free number 1800121950. Additionally, RBL has dedicated 24/7 customer care numbers for each credit card type.

  • For customers of RBL Bank’s Super card – +91 22 71190900
  • For credit cards other than SuperCard, please call +91 22 62327777.

Via email – When contacting RBL customer support via email, be sure to provide your credit card type and all of the issues you are encountering in detail to guarantee a prompt and appropriate response.

  • For customers of RBL Bank’s SuperCard – supercardservice@rblbank.com
  • For credit cards other than SuperCard, please contact cardservices@rblbank.com.

Via social media – RBL maintains a number of social media accounts via which users can voice their issues.

  • Facebook – @TheRBLBank
  • Instagram – @rbl bank
  • @rblbank and @RBLBankCares on Twitter
  • Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/rbl-bank

Via SMS – RBL’s customer support department is also available via SMS for immediate assistance. Customers just need to send a message in a predefined format to 9223366333. Certain types of grievances take the following format:

  • To check the balance on a credit card, use the BAL (SPACE) Customer ID.
  • To temporarily disable credit cards, use TBLOCK < last 4 digits of credit card number>
  • To permanently disable a credit card – BLOCK
  • For the purpose of unblocking a credit card – UBLOCK

Method for use in the offline environment

Customers may also write to the following address if they have any issues with credit cards. For proper support, they must offer their entire name, contact information, and financial information.

6th Floor, One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2B

Lower Parel (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, 841 Senapati Bapat Marg

– Additionally, RBL provides a procedure for resolving credit card complaints, which users can submit to the following address:

COC, RBL Bank Limited’s Card Operating Center,

Unit 306-311, JMD Megapolis, 3rd floor

Gurugram, Sohna Road, Sector 48

122018 Haryana

Contacting the RBL Bank’s credit card services head office – If the consumer does not receive a response within ten days, he or she may email or mail the query to the head of credit services.

– The email address is headcardsservice@rblbank.com.

– The postal address is as follows:

Services for Head-Cards

COC, RBL Bank Limited’s Card Operating Center,

Unit 306-311, JMD Megapolis, 3rd floor

Gurugram, Sohna Road, Sector 48

122018 Haryana

Contacting the RBL Bank’s Nodal Officer – The credit card services staff typically responds within four business days. However, in the event of a delay, the consumer may contact the nodal officer via email, phone, or letter.

– Dial – +91 22 71432700

– Principalnodalofficercards@rblbank.com email address

– Postal Address:

Saurabh Gaur Mr. Saurabh Gaur

COC, RBL Bank Limited’s Card Operating Center,

Unit 306-311, JMD Megapolis, 3rd floor

Gurugram, Sohna Road, Sector 48

122018 Haryana

Visit the nearest RBL branch – The customer can visit the brand and chat with a credit card representative who can assist them with any questions they may have. Ascertain that you have all the necessary papers for card verification and to address your inquiries.

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