123PAY UPI service for feature phones: Here are five important things users should know.

123PAY UPI services

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a very important tool for making digital payments using technology. Normally, UPI is used on smartphones, but now even people with basic phones can use it. This is possible because of a special service called 123PAY.

UPI 123PAY is a quick way to make payments designed for people with basic phones. It makes sure your UPI payments are safe and easy. With this service, people with basic phones can do many types of transactions using four different methods: calling a special number, using an app on their basic phone, making a missed call, or using sound-based payments.

This smart idea helps more people, especially those with basic phones, to join the digital payment system. It gives them safe and easy ways to make digital transactions.

Here are five important things to know about using UPI 123PAY on a basic phone:

  1. Setting up a UPI ID: To start using UPI on your basic phone, you can follow these simple steps. Dial *99# on your phone, choose your bank, and provide some details like the last six digits of your debit card and its expiration date. Then, create a secure UPI PIN. Once you finish this setup, you’ll have a unique ID that lets you send and receive money digitally.
  2. Transaction limits: There are limits on how much money you can send or receive using UPI on your basic phone. In one day, you can do transactions up to Rs 1,00,000, and for each individual transaction, the limit is Rs 5,000. These limits are in place to keep your transactions safe.
  3. Four ways to use UPI: UPI 123PAY gives you four different options to use on your basic phone:
    • IVR number payments: You can make secure calls to specific numbers to set up UPI. There are different language choices to make it easy for you.
    • Missed call banking: By giving a missed call to the merchant’s number, you can access your bank account and do transactions. Your transactions are confirmed with a call back and entering your UPI PIN.
    • Embedded UPI apps: Some basic phones have UPI apps built-in, thanks to collaborations with phone makers. These apps work like UPI apps on smartphones.
    • Sound-based payments: You can make payments without touching anything by using sound waves. Just tap your phone on the merchant’s device and enter your UPI PIN, and the payment is done. This is made possible with a technology called Tonetag.

To start sending money with UPI on a basic phone, just call 080451 63666, pick your language, select your bank, double-check the transaction info, type in the receiver’s phone number, the amount, and your UPI PIN to confirm the payment.

What makes it different from UPI Lite?

UPI 123PAY lets you make quick payments right away. UPI Lite, on the other hand, is like a digital wallet on your phone. To use it, you need to put some money in the app’s wallet from your bank account first. Then, you can make payments without needing the internet. This helps people with basic phones use UPI to pay digitally from their bank accounts using their phones.

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