How to enable Internet Banking and mobile banking on a post office savings account?

Account-holders of post office savings banks (POSBs) can use internet banking services supplied by India Post, part of the Department of Posts (DOP). You can use Post Office Internet Banking to transfer funds between your own and third-party Post Office Savings Accounts and deposit monies into your PPF and SSY accounts, among other things.

Conditions for Using India Post Internet Banking

The following prerequisites must be completed before using internet banking services, according to the India Post website:

  • Valid Single or Joint “B” Savings account at CBS Sub Post Office or Head Post Office.
  • Accounts held at a Branch Post Office are ineligible for Internet banking access.
  • If necessary, provide KYC documents if they have not already been provided.
  • Unique mobile number that is valid
  • PAN number
  • Email address

How to Sign Up for and Use India Post Internet Banking

 1: Go to your local Post Office and fill out the form (You will receive an SMS alert to your registered mobile number within 48 hours)

 2: After receiving the SMS, navigate to the DOP Internet banking system and click the “New User Activation” link on the home page.

 3: Enter the Customer ID and Account ID (the Customer ID is the CIF ID found on the first page of the Passbook for the savings account). The Account ID is your savings account number).

 4: Enter the necessary information and create your Internet Banking login and transaction passwords.

It should be noted that login and transaction passwords cannot be the same.

 5: Sign in and configure your security questions and answers and your password.

A ‘Pass phrase,’ which is a security feature that can be desired, can be requested. It confirms that you are using the correct DOP Internet Banking URL. It should be the same as the one you select when you activate the user.

These steps must be followed for your online banking user ID to be successfully activated.

How do I enable mobile banking?

Fill up and submit the mobile banking application. “After registering for DoP Mobile Banking, download the India Post mobile banking app from Google Play store and select the option Activate mobile banking and follow the pre-defined steps after 24 hours of registration,” according to FAQs on the India Post website.

The CIF ID appears as the default username on the first page of your Passbook. You can modify your mobile banking channel login credentials in online banking by selecting the Update channel login ID option under My Profile.

1: Get the Mobile Banking App from the Google Play store.

2: Navigate to the ‘Activate Mobile Banking’ option.

3: Enter your security credentials and OTP.

4: Following the authentication of your activation, you will be requested to enter your four-digit MPIN.

5: Press the submit button.

You are now ready to use the DOP mobile banking app.

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