How to get Virtual Debit Card in India for free? Free 3 Virtual Debit Card Providers.

Virtual debit card decreases the risk one can face using physical debit cards. The main purpose of a virtual debit card is to do transactions online. For which it is also known as e-card. It is generally a limit debit card designed for online transactions. Its very handy doing online transactions without giving actual primary card or account details to merchant. They are accepted at any location accepting Visa Or Mastercard.

The virtual debit card is same as physical card containing card number, expiry date and cvv. To use the it, one must add fund to it via net-banking, NEFT, IMPS, UPI, etc.

Features of Virtual Debit Card.

  • High Transactions Limit.
  • Secured.
  • Easy to use.
  • Risk-Free.


  • Cannot be used in physical location. POS (Point of sale) not available.
  • It is limited to use online only.
  • Internet Banking facility enabled on the account.
  • Fee is applicable to load the amount into the card.

Virtual Debit Card Providers In India.

1. Pockets By ICICI Bank.




2. PayZapp By HDFC Bank.




3. 811 By Kotak Bank.





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