What to do when ATM transaction fails but money gets deducted?

Have you ever been in a situation when you went to an ATM to withdraw cash but the transaction got failed and money got deducted? All of us once in life have heard this story. Out of 10, every 2 person faces these type of situation. Sometimes the deducted money gets credited automatically to the bank account. If the money doesn’t auto-credit to your bank account then do the following mentioned steps:

Step 1: Whenever the transaction went wrong, we get a receipt from the ATM saying “Transaction Failed” , keep the slip as it contains the reference number.

Step 2: Check the statement of your bank account, if any amount got deducted contact Bank immediately.

Step 3: Write and drop a complaint in the complaint box present in the ATM.

Step 4: Contact bank immediately.

Step 5: For any reasons if you were not able to visit the branch, head over to the Bank’s website “Contact Page” or call “Customer Care” and tell them about the incident.

Step 6: You can also write an e-mail to the bank about the failed transaction at the ATM.

Upon confirmation by the Bank, your deducted money will be credited to your account in 7 working days.

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